Top 3 Video Slots

Age of Discovery Video Slot
It is indeed one of the most thrilling casino slot games online. Since it offers a lot of excitement to the players, the Age of Discovery Video Slots is considered to be the favorite choice of the casino players. This wonderful 25-pay line, 5-reel game comes with scatter and wild symbols along with one bonus feature.

The most interesting thing about this slotmaskiner game is that it combines the adventure of ancient exploration with the spirit of modern gaming technology. The brightly colored graphics on this game carry its discovery theme quite well. This game features A 3, 4 or 5 scattered Bonus Trigger, which delivers 30 options from which you can pull out some enticing bonuses.



Though there is a wide range of online video slot games and video poker bonus games out there, the Age of Discovery Video Slot is undoubtedly a complete entertainment package that will surely fascinate the players with a big jackpot. It should also be mentioned that this game is designed in such a way so that not only experienced players but also the novice gamblers can enjoy playing it. However, you can use the rudimentary maps and bright stars to guide yourself to the lands of unwritten histories and secret treasures.


Alley Cats Video Slot
The Alley Cats Video Slot is one of the most-played online video slot games. I hear it is particularly popular at a certain casino en ligne gratuit in France. Alley Cats action mainly takes place at backyard bowling alley that is being used by various frisky felines with their eyes fixed on trashcan victory feasts. However, for you there is lot more in store than just fish heads.

Alley Cats is basically a slot machine that provides upto 50,000 coins in the base game, whereas, it doubles in the Free Spins. On the other hand, it offers 2,700 coins on the second screen bonus feature.


Alley Cats comes with clear digital sound effects and colorful graphics. So, if you are confused about how to spend your leisure time, do not hesitate to play it. This Alley cats video slot will surely give you good chances to win. Usually, the 'strike' symbol is used for unlocking the winning opportunities. It acts as a scatter and also triggers a choice of bonus feature.



This symbol can deliver up to 100x your winnings and it can trigger around 20 Free Spins in which a second screen bonus offers 3 chances to hit for prizes. In the true sense, Alley Cats have an amusing theme carrying a game with lots of rewards and entertainment potential.


Avalon Video Slot
Avalon Video Slot is a popular 20 pay-line, 5-reel game that provides jackpots of 15,000 to 105,000 coins. This game features lots of free spins, 2 wild opportunities as well as scatter. Avalon holds many treasures and secrets, especially for those who can find the scatters of the Lady of the Lake. On the other hand, people who have uncovered the treasure chest during a Free Spin can win away better offers.

In fact, if you are looking for a game at an online casino, which will give you pure delight and adventure, Avalon Video Slot is indeed your perfect choice. It gives a good opportunity to win exciting prize amount, at the same time it ensures safe and secured gaming experience. So, do not hesitate to play it. Start playing this game of gambling and have a great time.



Nowadays, in most online casinos or online slots, this game can be played. However, before choosing any of the gambling sites, it is better to check out whether this game is available there or not. It is assumed that one of the key reasons behind the rapidly increasing popularity of Avalon Video Slot is that a person from any financial status can play it without thinking much about his/her affordability.



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Contrary to popular belief...
It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock.

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Contrary to popular belief...
It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock.

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