Video Slot History

There will be nothing wrong to say that during 1800s people did not have much option for entertainment. So, in order to remove this boredom Charles Fey invented a slot machine in the year 1896. Though markedly different from the online slots casino of today, this machine acquired a lot of popularity from millions and millions of people across the world.

This commercially successful slot machine was made of cast iron with a slot for taking in coins, internal reels and external lever for activating the machine. Soon after its invention, it became a staple of land-based casinos and retail stores.


In recent times, you will hardly find a casino without colorful slot machines. Video slots are no doubt one of the most popular casino games, in terms of the total wagers as well as of the games played.


Advertised as the “Liberty Bell” this slot machine is treated as the pioneer of modern slot machines of America. Though its classic design is still used in today’s mechanical gaming device, initially it was quite hard to believe that 3 simple reels could hold 20 various symbols and can set a new trend that will grow stronger with the passage of time. You can play this great game at Use th ebonus and give it a try.


Though, video slot machine was initially made following modern technology, with the introduction of digital electronics, slot machines underwent several modifications. It transformed from original mechanical design to a computer-generated displays with multi-stage games. In the first stage, multi-line slots were invented with additional pay lines. But with the technological advancement a number of innovative variations could be found in the machine.



In the 1960’s the electronic slots were first introduced. It was undoubtedly more secured than the mechanical machine. Electronic machines became more popular because they were able to offer larger prize amount to the players. In 1975 Walt Fraley invented the first video slot, which was known as “Fortune Coin”. This early model comprised only 3 basic elements. They were a hopper, a television set and a solid-state logic assembly. However, they did not get much acceptance. This is because; the players were unable to see the reels and were not sure whether they could win.



So, finally in 1980’s IGT's video poker machine was launched. It also underwent lots of alterations in order to satisfy the players video poker gambling needs. Nowadays, as all of them are computer-based, several video slots can be linked together for the establishment of rapidly increasing progressive jackpots. There is no doubt in the fact that video slot machines are a complete entertainment package, which will become more and more popular with the course of time. Slot machines are already hugely popular in other countries including the Machine a sous gratuit in France (which actually translates to free slot machine) and the casino spielautomaten in Germany.



While discussing about the video slots, some of the names of the popular slot games should be mentioned. Some such games are as follows:


  • 20000 Leagues Video Slot
  • Achilles Video Slot
  • Aztec's Treasure Video Slot
  • 5 Reel Drive Video Slot
  • 7's and Stripes Video Slot
  • Atomic Age Video Slot
  • Admirals Inn Video Slot
  • A Night Out Video Slot
  • Apocalypse Cow Fruit Machine
  • Beach Babes Video Slot


Though these are some of the most played video slot games, there are several other games of gambling, from which you can choose according to your interests.


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Contrary to popular belief...
It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock.

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Contrary to popular belief...
It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock.

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